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Harness the potential of neural networks with our expert services, designing and implementing advanced computational systems that mimic the human brain’s ability to learn, adapt, and solve complex problems.

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Developing the future of AI with professional neural network services

Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals have the expertise to design and build unique neural network solutions for your business needs. We provide high quality solutions and products that enable you to make the most of emerging AI technologies.


What is neural network development and how can our neural network development services help you?

Neural network development refers to the creation and implementation of artificial neural networks, which are computer algorithms that are designed to learn and improve over time based on input data. Neural networks are used in many applications, such as image and speech recognition, natural language processing, and prediction modeling.

Our neural network development services provide businesses with professional neural network solutions that are customized to their specific needs. We have a team of experienced neural network developers who work closely with clients to develop customized neural network solutions that align with their business goals.

Our neural network development services

Cheetah technology, a leading provider of cutting-edge technological solutions, offers a wide array of services that cater to various recognition and identification needs. Our expertise extends to recognizing and processing text, speech, and music, as well as identifying objects, images, and faces in pictures and videos.

Moreover, we excel in creating new media content that encompasses text, images, and videos using the latest advancements in neural networks. With our state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled team, we guarantee accurate results that exceed your expectations. Allow us to transform your vision into reality like never before.

Convolutional Neural Networks, CNN

Convolutional Neural Networks, CNN

CNN is a powerful software framework with a wide range of applications, including object and face recognition, speech classification, and identifying specific models of technology. Its accuracy and versatility make it essential in various industries and fields.

Generative Neural Networks, GAN

Generative Neural Networks, GAN

Generative neural networks create various digital content, including text, pictures, music, and video. They’re commonly used for automatic photo editing and can alter facial expressions, lighting, and age, among other things, all without manual intervention.

Image Generation Using Neural Networks

Image Generation Using Neural Networks

Neural networks can create images for online stores and video games with AI and machine learning. This technology produces highly realistic and detailed images for digital marketing and entertainment.

Texts Creating / Writing with Neural Networks

Texts Creating / Writing with Neural Networks

Neural networks generate insightful written pieces. This technology produces engaging, relevant content through deep learning algorithms, resulting in unique, substantial, and useful text suitable for various applications.

Neural Network For Facial Recognition

Neural Network For Facial Recognition

Machine learning uses neural networks to perform complex tasks like facial recognition and analysis of emotions. This revolutionary technology has the potential to transform human interactions with machines.

Neural Networks And Image Recognition

Neural Networks And Image Recognition

Machine learning enables object and image recognition, revolutionizing industries such as healthcare and marketing. Exciting potential for continued advancement and changing our understanding of the world around us.

Neural networks application in business

Neural networks have various applications beyond recognition systems in business. They can be used in finance for time series forecasting, medicine for simplifying psychodiagnostic techniques, chemistry and biology for predicting properties of chemical compounds, neuromanagement for managing movable objects, and in economy for economic-statistical modeling.

How Cheetah's neural network development services are the best?

We specialize in developing cutting-edge neural network solutions that empower businesses to harness the power of artificial intelligence. Our team of expert developers and data scientists use the latest tools and technologies to create custom neural network models that can perform complex tasks with unparalleled accuracy and speed. We work closely with our clients to understand their business objectives and requirements, and develop tailored solutions that meet their needs. Our neural network solutions are optimized for maximum performance, scalability, and efficiency, delivering accurate and timely results.

Industry-Leading AI Experts

Industry-Leading AI Experts

Cheetah’s AI specialists use cutting-edge strategies and tools to provide creative solutions that meet clients’ unique requirements. We deliver tailored neural network systems with measurable outcomes and extensive AI knowledge and experience.

Innovative AI Solutions

Innovative AI Solutions

Cheetah offers advanced AI solutions to enhance business efficiency, reduce costs, and stay ahead of competition. Our innovative approach and dedication to excellence ensure exceptional outcomes for our clients.

On-Demand Support Services

On-Demand Support Services

Our support team offers reliable on-demand services to ensure your systems run smoothly without any unexpected hiccups. We are available 24/7 to guarantee the upkeep of your neural networks for full operational efficiency.

Accelerate Projects

Accelerate Projects

We provide neural network development services tailored to meet different business needs, delivering efficient and rapid solutions. We stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with advancements in the field and streamlining the process to meet unique client requirements.

Easy scalability

Easy scalability

Our versatile neural network systems cater to the evolving needs of businesses. With cutting-edge AI solutions, clients can integrate new features and capabilities to stay ahead of the competition in a constantly changing market.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Our advanced technology solutions automate repetitive tasks and streamline business operations, saving time and costs while increasing efficiency. Our AI systems help businesses achieve better outcomes, optimize their processes, and maximize their investments for long-term success.


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The process.

This process is usually involved with neural network development

In this first step, the software developer will analyze the data and identify the problem that needs to be solved. The data may come from different sources, such as databases, text documents, images, and more. The software developer will use this data to create a problem statement that outlines the exact challenge that needs to be addressed.

Based on the problem statement, the software developer will select the appropriate neural network architecture. This could be a feed-forward neural network, convolutional neural network, recurrent neural network, or other type of neural network. The software developer will also select the appropriate hyperparameters, such as learning rate, number of layers, and number of nodes.

In this step, the software developer will pre-process the data to prepare it for the neural network. This could include normalizing the data, splitting the data into training and test sets, and more.

After the data has been pre-processed, the software developer will train the neural network. This involves feeding the data into the network, adjusting the weights and biases, and repeating until the network has achieved the desired accuracy.

After the neural network has been trained, the software developer will evaluate the model. This involves testing the model with unseen data and measuring the accuracy of the model. The software developer will also examine the model for any potential issues, such as overfitting or underfitting.

After the model has been evaluated, the software developer will optimize the model. This could involve adjusting the hyperparameters, such as the learning rate, number of layers, and number of nodes. The software developer may also apply techniques such as regularization or dropout to further improve the model’s accuracy.

After the model has been optimized, the software developer will deploy the model. This could involve deploying the model to a web server, a mobile device, or a cloud platform.

Finally, the software developer will monitor and maintain the model. This could involve regularly testing the model with new data, monitoring the accuracy of the model, and making adjustments as necessary.

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Vinay Singh

Vinay Singh

Distributed Web
Chief Scientist

As Chief Scientist of the Distributed Web project, I can attest to the complexity of developing the underlying software for such an innovative venture. We recognized that we needed a technology partner with exceptional skills and experience in software development. That’s why we turned to Cheetah Agency’s tech division for their expertise.

Their team of skilled developers were able to provide us with a comprehensive solution that met our unique requirements. Their knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain and distributed computing, was essential to the success of our project.



DotBot, Evangelist

As a result of Cheetah Agency’s comprehensive digital marketing strategy for our AI-based software, our expectations were exceeded. They are highly recommended when it comes to AI-based software marketing expertise and results because their targeted and effective campaign generated high lead generation and increased brand recognition. Did I mention they write AI software at a pretty high level as well? 



dRide, Chief Technology Officer

As the CTO of a decentralized ride-sharing company, I had the privilege of collaborating with Cheetah Agency’s software development team to develop dRide. Their team’s expertise in software development and their commitment to delivering quality solutions was vital to the success of our project.

Cheetah Agency impressed me with their innovative and forward-thinking approach to software development. They were constantly seeking new and inventive solutions to the most complex technical challenges, and their team had a deep understanding of the latest technological advancements.

Moreover, I was impressed with their willingness to listen to our requirements and tailor their solutions to meet our needs. Their team was highly collaborative and flexible, and they were able to adjust to changes and updates throughout the development process with ease.



WorldRaps, Co-Founder

It’s your boy Cory, aka Mayhem and I gotta give a shout-out to Cheetah Agency for their fire work on the WorldRaps network and all our sub-sites like USARaps, AsiaRaps, EuroRaps, AfricaRaps, CanadaRaps, TexasRaps, GeorgiaRaps, CaliRaps, FloridaRaps, NewYorkRaps, ChicagoRaps, DetroitRaps, MidwestRaps and the list goes on.

Cheetah Agency’s game was on point. Their web design and development skills were straight-up amazing, and they worked tirelessly to make our sites shine. They had some tight deadlines, but they didn’t trip and got everything done on time, every time.

They were all about collaboration, and they listened to our vision for our sites, making sure everything was exactly how we wanted it. They brought the heat.

Distributed Web


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